Olympic fever in ‘The Olympic Village’

LAKE PLACID — Typically, St. Agnes Catholic School celebrates Catholic Schools Week at the end of January.

“But we chose to push back Catholic Schools Week back until the end of February, so we can actually celebrate the Olympics this year,” Principal Catherine Bemis said.

“We are going to have an Olympic Spirit Week, so that we can celebrate the unique Olympic nature of Lake Placid. We are having visiting Olympians. Local Olympians are coming. The Olympic Museum is stopping by. Ronnie the Raccoon is coming in. It’s going to be a blast.”

Lego Olympics

Olympic Spirit Week will be celebrated February 7-11.

“So it’s going to coincide right with the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics,” she said.

“Some kids made Lego Olympic items. One of them made a Lego Olympic torch. Somebody made ice skates or a bobsled. Those have been fun. They are doing schematic snacks one day. They are creating their own edible medals to eat, which will be fun.”

There is Olympic bingo as well as an Olympic scavenger hunt.

“Our younger kids are making Olympic flags using paint and hand prints,” Bemis said.

“The older kids are doing projects like they are creating their own Olympic mascot and then writing about the mascot they created and why it would be a good one for the Olympics. Our older classes are doing research on Olympic athletes and presenting them.”

“It should be really fun. They don’t come around all the time, the Olympics, so it’s nice since we were a host location to celebrate a little bit more.”

Catholic schools week

Plans are still being sussed out for the delayed Catholic Schools Week.

“Usually, we do spirit building activities celebrating our students, our parents, our community, acts of service,” she said.

“We will do a food drive.”

Activities are intertwined with the students’ curriculum.

“We will have some activities that are going to be cross-curricular that might accent something they’re doing in class or perhaps you do a writing project that has to do with the theme activity of the day,” Bemis said.

“We do a lot of our more fun thematic activities during lunchtime or in our enrichment time, so that they still get their academics but they get to have fun too.”


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