Ironman committee releases community survey

Ironman athletes line up for the swim start at the municipal beach on Mirror Lake in 2019. (Enterprise photo — Elizabeth Izzo)

LAKE PLACID — The Ironman Task Force committee released a community survey on Wednesday that asks residents to provide their opinions on the Ironman Lake Placid triathlon. The committee will use the community’s input to better inform its recommendations on whether or not Ironman should continue to be held in Lake Placid and, if it does continue, what alterations, if any, should be made to the event.

Ironman organizers want to continue the Lake Placid triathlon beyond 2022. In July, officials from the town of North Elba, village of Lake Placid and Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism signed a one-year contract extension with Ironman to allow the triathlon to return in 2022. Officials also created a task force on Ironman after hearing pros and cons about the contract extension during a virtual public meeting with ROOST. When the contract extension was announced two days prior to this year’s race, ROOST stated in a press release that the task force would “address issues surrounding the event while looking for ways to improve community benefits.”

Now, the committee is seeking widespread input on those issues through an online survey. People who want to respond can take the survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/IRONMANLP.

Survey details

Survey participants are asked to provide input regarding the positive impacts and challenges associated with hosting Ironman, according to a news release from the committee. The questions are in a multiple-choice format, and participants will have the opportunity to elaborate on certain questions. Participants will be asked to rank their opinion of the event as a whole, provide their residency status and identify their profession. Business owners will have the opportunity to identify themselves, and open-ended questions give participants the opportunity to describe why they like or dislike the event and what their experiences are regarding the months of training leading up to the event.

“Regardless of your position on the topic of Ironman, this is your opportunity to have your voice heard,” said Ann O’Leary, local business owner and Ironman Community Task Force member. “This survey is a beginning step to be able to adjust, rectify or eliminate any grievances regarding this event. Your input is invaluable to the outcome.”

The survey will circulate for a minimum of 10 days, but ROOST Communications Coordinator Janelle Jones said the survey might circulate longer if there isn’t enough community response at the end of that time.

After studying the survey data, the task force will then present the information to elected officials in Lake Placid, North Elba, Keene, Jay and Wilmington, who will then come to a decision with ROOST on whether this region will continue to host Ironman. The task force plans to make a recommendation about the future of the triathlon “no later than the end of 2021,” according to the news release.


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