Landlord looks to convert tenant laundry room to public laundromat

LAKE PLACID — A Lake Placid landlord is seeking permission to convert a tenant-only laundry room into a public laundromat.

Kyle Dellavalle, who is taking over a Main Street apartment building from his father Pat, submitted an application to the town-village Joint Review Board last month seeking permission to convert a private two-washer, two-dryer laundry room in his building to a public business, Silver City Laundromat. His application came before the Joint Review Board at its meeting on Wednesday.

Dellavalle’s apartment building is located at 2749 Main St., across the street from Bowlwinkles bowling alley. It appears the laundry room has already been open to the public. The business is listed on Google and already has reviews from non-tenants dating back as early as two weeks ago.

The Silver City Laundromat would be open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a week, according to Dellavalle’s application. The existing six parking spaces for tenants would be reduced to five, matching the number of units in the building.

“This is a major improvement to this building,” Code Enforcement Officer Michael Orticelle told the Joint Review Board on Wednesday.

The laundry room was previously rented out as a living space, according to Orticelle.

“Which is completely ridiculous, in my opinion,” he added.

Orticelle noted that Dellavalle was working on upgrading the building.

The Joint Review Board asked that Dellavalle send a notice to neighbors about the project. The project is expected to be on the agenda again at a future review board meeting.


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