Franklin County voters will choose clerk, coroner, treasurer, judge

MALONE — The state’s 2021 political calendar is about to get underway with the first day for signing designating petitions set for Tuesday, March 2.

There are four Franklin County positions up for vote in 2021, according to Tracy Sparks, the Republican commissioner for the Franklin County Board of Elections, including the positions of county clerk, county coroner, county court judge, and county treasurer.

In addition to county elections, a number of supervisor, council and trustee positions are up for vote in the county’s towns and villages, according to Sparks.

The first day to file designating petitions is March 22 and the final day to file a designated petition is March 25, according to Sparks.

Sparks said this year’s state primary is scheduled for June 22, while the general election is slated for Nov. 2.

In the event more than one candidate per party returns valid petitions for an elected post, a primary election will be held in June, according to Sparks.

It appears Franklin County will see primaries in June, after Judge Robert G. Main Jr.’s retirement. Two Republicans, Elizabeth Crawford and Peter Dumas, have released prepared statements on their candidacy for the open 10-year term on the county court bench. So have two Democrats: current District Attorney Craig Carriero and current Public Defender Thomas Soucia.


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