Adirondak Loj, High Peaks Information Center temporarily close due to COVID-depleted staff

LAKE PLACID — The Adirondak Loj and High Peaks Information Center are now closed until further notice after at least one person connected to the facility tested positive for COVID-19.

A spokesman for the Adirondack Mountain Club (ADK), which operates the Loj and HPIC, said on Monday that scant details were available because the Essex County Health Department was still conducting contact tracing.

ADK Communications Director Ben Brosseau did not say how many people connected to the facility have tested positive for COVID-19, but he did say the club was made aware of a positive result on Friday. The club announced the closure of the Loj and HPIC on Saturday evening.

Asked if the club has any reason to believe the person who tested positive may have come in contact with visitors, Brosseau said there’s “no indication there’s any issues with guests,” though that’s pending what’s discovered during contact tracing.

The Loj and HPIC were ultimately closed because of staff shortages, according to Brosseau. The club’s trailhead parking lot will remain open, and the attendant booth will be staffed with people who have been working remotely, he said. The front desk at the Loj will remain open for reservations and check-ins for now, the public restrooms behind the HPIC will remain open, and the Wilderness Campground and Heart Lake Cabins will also remain open.

“We are continuing to maintain our health and safety protocols,” Brosseau said. “Mask wearing, cleaning, all of the above and beyond protocols have been maintained. How this came about will be figured out.”


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