You never sausage a mess

LAKE PLACID — The kids were on a roll.

Main Street, Lake Placid, was plastered with hot dogs last week. Locals reported finding the franks at various places along the main strip last week — even on the Olympic Speedskating Oval. One woman, real estate agent Jodi Gunther of Saranac Lake, discovered the source when she came under fire by hot dogs one night.

Gunther was out walking her dog Zeke around Mirror Lake this past Thursday, around 8 p.m., when her dog found the street meat and started relishing the find.

Further up Main Street, as Gunther was looking in a storefront window, her dog found another hot dog. Her husband Jonathan spotted another hot dog in a puddle and said he thought someone had just thrown it there.

“We were trying to find out, ‘Where did those hot dogs come from?'” she said.

As they walked past the Cottage restaurant on Mirror Lake Drive, there were “hot dogs everywhere,” Gunther said. She considered at one point whether it was an elaborate marketing ploy for a new hot dog store in town.

The mystery was solved when a maroon Toyota Corolla cruised past with four young men inside. The men threw hot dogs at her and her husband.

Jokingly, Gunther mentioned the ordeal to a Lake Placid police officer, whom she’s friends with. She kept walking, and not long after she mentioned the incident, a police cruiser arrived and an officer asked her about what happened.

Then the group of young men drove by a second time and threw hot dogs at Gunther again.

“(The police officer) went and tracked them down,” she said. “They were younger, disrespectful kids.”

Lake Placid Police Department Chief William Moore, reached by phone on Tuesday, declined to comment on the incident, citing an ongoing investigation.

After Gunther posted about her experience on social media, friends and neighbors had questions for her. One of those questions: Was it the North Country’s own Glazier hot dogs that the young men threw?

“It was not,” she said. “They were just regular, long hot dogs. They probably had a case of them.”

“What I can say is that it was very entertaining,” she added.


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