Tupper Lake village trustee says he has cancer

Clint Hollingsworth poses at his contracting business's office in October 2016. (Enterprise photo — Carrie Gentile)

TUPPER LAKE — On Wednesday, village board Trustee Clint Hollingsworth revealed he is beginning chemotherapy to treat a cancer diagnosed in September.

He said he had a tough couple of weeks after his diagnosis but, after starting chemotherapy he is feeling strong and encouraged.

Hollingsworth said he was “on the fence” over whether he would discuss this personal issue openly, but said he decided to make it public considering he is a representative of the taxpayers. He also wanted to clear up any misinformation.

He said he has an esophageal cancer, which has metastasized to nearby lymph nodes and caused a lesion on his liver.

“I did have a rough road during the month of September,” Hollingsworth said. “But I have started my road to recovery.”

He said he has reacted well to his first treatment and will continue chemotherapy over the next three months, getting scanned again around the end of the year.

Hollingsworth thanked his friends, fellow villagers and even strangers for reaching out to him in recent weeks, saying he has heard from all sorts of people around town.

“The outpouring of support from the community to me has been overwhelming,” he said. “It’s great to know that we live in Tupper Lake, where we are a very, very tight community.”

Hollingsworth is up for reelection on the board this year and said he is staying in the race. He is also continuing his work with his contracting company.

“I am still seeking reelection, and I am not trying to use this floor for a political … for that reason,” Hollingsworth said. “But as many of you know … I am not one to just have one iron in the fire. I have always dealt with many things going on in my life all at the same time.

“I am going to get through this,” he said.

He finished by quoting 20th-century Presbyterian preacher Peter Marshall.

“When we long for life without difficulty, life reminds us all that the mighty oaks grow strong with contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure.”


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