‘Kamal Harris’ misspelling on Franklin County mail-in ballots

Ballots still valid, election commissioner says

This Franklin County absentee ballot misspells vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris’ first name as “Kamal.” (Provided photo — Phil Brown)

Around 1,500 absentee ballots sent to voters in Franklin County have misspelled vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris’ name, but the ballots are still valid, according to an election commissioner.

Harris’ first name on the Democratic and Working Families party lines of these ballots is spelled “Kamal.”

The Franklin County Board of Elections adknowledged that the error is theirs — it did not show up on Essex County ballots — and they have already new ballots with corrected spelling.

County Republican Election Commissioner Tracy Sparks said this ballot is still valid, despite the misspelling. She said after checking with the state they have been told the ballot, even with the missing letter, does not misrepresent the candidate, and is still usable.

“The ballot will be counted; it will be tallied,” Sparks said. “It doesn’t misrepresent the ballot.”

If someone has a misprinted ballot, Sparks said they can call the county Board of Elections and request a new one.

“They’re only going to get one ballot counted,” Sparks said.

“It’s just an error. You have, between the printer and everything, it’s just an error that happens,” Sparks said. “No, it wasn’t intentional, because I’ve already been asked that.”

Sparks said the county has received 3,100 absentee ballot applications so far.


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