Rachael Ray, on season premiere, talks about fire destroying her Adirondack home

The 15th season of the “Rachael Ray Show” premiered on Monday afternoon and the episode brought viewers inside her home, which was heavily damaged by fire on Aug. 9.

Ray and her husband, John Cusimano, were home at their Chuckwagon Drive residence at the time of the fire and they got out safely with their dog Bella.

Investigators say a fire that damaged Rachael Ray’s house in Lake Luzerne started in the chimney of a wood-burning fireplace.

No one was injured in the blaze and investigators determined the cause of the fire was linked to a wood-burning fireplace and the chimney, which spread throughout the second floor of the residence.

During the episode on Monday, Ray took viewers on a tour of her damaged home with the assistance of state fire investigator Greg Amyot.

Amyot and Ray used the episode to educate viewers about the dangers of home fires and steps you should take if you find yourself in the same situation.

Amyot focused on the acronym RACE: Rescue, Activate, Contain, Extinguish.

“It’s an important acronym for people to think about. So the first thing, rescue anyone in imminent danger. Activate the alarm or call 911. Contain the fire if we can — shut the doors, and then evacuate.”

Amyot and Ray also chatted about the dangers of creosote inside of chimneys and the need of regular cleaning.

“Fire doesn’t discriminate,” Amyot said.

Ray with the assistance of her husband had been filming the end of last season due to the outbreak of coronavirus in their Lake Luzerne home. The show is typically filmed in studio in New York City.

The couple is now living in their guest house and will be filming the season from there, according to promotions released on social media.

On Monday, Ray tweeted three images of the remains of their residence, showing the home reduced to a pile of rubble. She also thanked first responders who fought the blaze as well as viewers and friends for their support.


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