Lake Placid short-term rental owners must register by July 31

LAKE PLACID — The town of North Elba and village of Lake Placid’s short-term rental registration system is now online, and short-term rental owners are now required to apply for permits by Friday, July 31.

The town and village announced on Thursday that its Host Compliance software was online. In a news release, the governments said the streamlined short-term rental application process is designed to facilitate equitable enforcement of short-term rental requirements and provide better data on the industry.

STR permit applications must be completed by an owner, as an owner’s certification and digital signature is required to submit. Prior to starting the application, the town and village suggest that property owners have all of their application materials ready, including:

• A site plan

• An information and signature page for all members with ownership interest

• 24/7 emergency contact information

• An occupancy tax registration certificate from Essex County

• Information on the type of STR being operated

• SWIS (Statewide Information System) code — the town of North Elba’s code is 154089; the village of Lake Placid’s is 154001

• Parcel identification number, which can also be found in a number of places, including at essex-gis.co.essex.ny.us

• A map and description of a parking plan provided to guests

• Chimney inspection report (if applicable)

• Septic inspection report (if applicable)

• A copy of the deed.

Relevant forms and details of submissions are available on the North Elba STR website at www.northelba.org/?page=government/code-enforcement/short-term-rental.

Permit fees are processed through Host Compliance and are due at the time of application. Fees range from $200 for a studio, one-bedroom or two-bedroom rental to $1,200 for a home with more than nine bedrooms. Payment can be made via a checking account or credit card. People who rent out their properties for fewer than 14 days each year don’t have to pay for permits.

The North Elba Building and Planning Department has 30 days to review the application materials and issue or deny the permit. Permits are emailed to owners.

Applications already received by the department will be issued as processed. Permits must be renewed each year and expire on the second anniversary of issue date. Host Compliance will send an electronic reminder.

To complete the application, visit secure.hostcompliance.com/north-elba-ny/permit-registration.

Additional information on the short-term rental registration program can be found on the town of North Elba website at http://www.northelba.org/?page=government/code-enforcement/short-term-rental.

(Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly said that short-term rental owners who rent their properties fewer than 14 days don’t have to secure permits. They do have to secure permits, but they don’t have to pay for them. The Enterprise regrets the error.)


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