Utica teen drowns in Moose River

LYONS FALLS — A teenager from Utica drowned in the town of Lyonsdale after slipping on rocks Thursday afternoon.

Abraham Whay, 16, of Utica, was walking on rocks at about 4:45 p.m. while crossing the Moose River near the concrete dam at Agers Falls when he slipped and fell into the “fast-moving waterfalls,” according to state police information officer Trooper Jack L. Keller.

The boy didn’t resurface after falling into the water, although he was later located and pronounced dead at the scene.

No further information was provided at this time.

Augers Falls is located east of the village of Lyons Falls in the town of Lyonsdale in southern Lewis County. Hydro power created by the dammed river was used to power a paper mill beginning in the late 1800s.

The Lewis County Sheriff’s Department announced via social media on Friday that the Agers Falls Recreation Area is closed and will remain so indefinitely.

“No one is allowed on the property until further notice and it will be patrolled by law enforcement.”

The entrance gate to the recreation area is locked and “No Trespassing” signs have been posted, the notification said.


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