Milk giveaway slated in Saranac Lake Saturday

SARANAC LAKE — Local farmers, in collaboration with the Saranac Lake Rotary Club and Glazier Packing Co., plan to give away dairy products to families in Saranac Lake this Saturday.

The first-come, first-serve event at Saranac Lake High School is slated for 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. It’s the latest in a series of similar milk giveaways held throughout the region in the last few weeks.

It’s through the U.S. Department of Agriculture, under the Farmers to Families Food Program, that local farm milk and dairy products are being distributed to local families. Glazier, in Malone, is providing the coordination, as well as the truck and a driver to bring the products to the high school for distribution.

Families from the towns of Harrietstown, Saranac Lake, Tupper Lake, Franklin and other neighboring communities can enter the school parking lot for pick-up at Canaras and Olive streets. Cars will queue in two rows partway down the speed-bump exit toward Edgewood Road, with volunteers directing people where to go. Trucks carrying supplies will be positioned at the end of the exit lane, with the two rows of cars going on either side of the trucks.

Drivers and passengers are encouraged to wear masks. Drivers and passengers will stay in their cars, and volunteers will load a dairy box and milk into the trunk. Families can receive up to 6 gallons of milk. Volunteer drivers from different churches will pick up milk and dairy boxes for those in need of assistance.

Approximately 2,700 gallons of milk will be given away, as well as 600 dairy boxes. Each dairy box will contain 16 ounces of sour cream, 16 ounces of cottage cheese, 12 string cheese sticks, six 8-ounce yogurts and a gallon of milk.

Extra milk left over will be placed in the high school refrigerators for use in the school’s food programs.


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