July 4 DWI crackdown in Franklin County

This Independence Day, Franklin County law enforcement is participating in the July Fourth Crackdown enforcement campaign.

During the holiday weekend, law enforcement will be conducting increased enforcement on the roads with zero tolerance for those who drive impaired.

“It’s a shame we have to keep repeating ourselves, but the message remains the same: Drunk driving is deadly and illegal, and it’s illegal in every state in this country,” Franklin County District Attorney Craig Carriero wrote in a press release. “We want our community to stay safe, so make no mistake: If you are caught drinking and driving, you will be pulled over and arrested. Driving under the influence of any substance will land you a DWI.”

“Sadly, many people think driving impaired is no big deal,” Franklin County STOP-DWI Coordinator Craig Collette said. “The consequences are serious: If we catch you driving under the influence of alcohol, we will arrest you, and you’ll receive a DWI. That DWI will follow you throughout your life. Under no circumstances is it ever acceptable to get behind the wheel of a vehicle after you’ve been drinking. Doing so endangers you, your passengers, and everyone on the road with you.”

A press release from Franklin County urges revelers to designate a sober driver before heading out for the day, use public transportation or a community sober ride program to get home and to not drive even if they’ve had one alcoholic beverage. It also suggests if a friend is about to drink and drive, to take the keys away and make arrangements to get them home safely.

“Don’t lose your independence on Independence Day, and don’t be a deadly risk to yourself and other innocent people,” a press release from Franklin County says.


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