Franklin County’s active COVID-19 cases drop to zero

MALONE — For the first time since late March, Franklin County is reporting no active cases of COVID-19.

County Manager Donna Kissane reported Monday morning the number of active cases of the virus had dropped to zero, after reporting two active cases on Sunday. The report came on the 100th day since New York state reported its first COVID-19 case.

“When the Director of Public Health reported that the Franklin County Health Department is not aware of any active COVID 19 cases in the County, this was very good news for our community,” Kissane said in a follow-up email to her daily briefing. “While we have discovered a few positive cases since increased testing started, it seems that people are using PPE (personal protective equipment) and are taking other precautionary measures that appear to be keeping our numbers low and ‘flattening the curve.”

The number of active cases in the county at any one time peaked at 15 at the start of May but had declined to just one as of May 17. The number jumped up slightly to four over the Memorial Day weekend — the result, county officials said, of an increase in the number of tests being administered — but declined again to two this past weekend.

A total of 19 county residents are confirmed to have been infected since the first case was reported.

The county also lists 97 people who had “probable” cases of COVID-19. These are people who were diagnosed based on their symptoms but have either not yet been tested or are awaiting test results.

Seventy-four people remain in isolation or quarantine, Kissane said in her briefing. The county as of Tuesday had received 6,581 negative test results out of 6,600 total tests administered, she reported.

Franklin County has reported lower numbers of infections than surrounding counties, a statistic Kissane said was a result of the county’s quick actions to contain the virus.

“It is our belief in speaking with the Public Health Director that early measures were taken throughout the county that helped keep the numbers low,” Kissane wrote. “We hope that community members continue with all the precautionary measures to reduce the risk throughout the region.”

County Legislature Chairman Don Dabiew, D-Bombay, declared a state of emergency in the county on March 14 — even though there were no confirmed cases of the virus locally at that time and the overall state death toll was two. The number of people in the state who have since died from the virus now exceeds 24,000; there have been no COVID-19-related deaths reported in Franklin County.


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