Tupper Arts’ artist call continues for 47th art show, despite coronavirus

TUPPER LAKE — Tupper Arts is seeking entries for the 47th Tupper Lake Art Show from artists of all mediums, though the event itself is subject to change, as the coronavirus rearranges events all over.

The show is planned for June 17 to July 11 at the Tupper Arts Center, with art drop-off deadlines set for June 13 and 14.

“Although our annual show may be delayed, we want to plan for it anyway and invite you to be part of it whenever it occurs,” board of directors member and painter Ed Donnelly wrote in a message to artists. “My place of refuge is in my studio. And although difficult at times, creating art is helping me deal with the situation. I’m sure that is true for you too.”

A notice to artists posted on Tupper Arts website says that if the center is not able to reopen in time for the event, it may be delayed or turned into a virtual exhibit.

“Hey, we’re all in the same boat,” Donnelly said in a phone interview. “Keep painting.”

Donnelly said he’s been painting viruses in the past few weeks. He said he is interested in seeing what others artists are creating during this time, directly related to the virus, or simply created in a world it has had a profound impact on.

“I think that what we are producing during the Covid-19 crisis is somehow special and unique and will be very meaningful to future viewers,” Donnelly wrote.

He said the arts center is struggling, like many other businesses and non-profits, and that members are seeking financial resources to help them pay rent and utilities. They are not desperate, he said, but they are also not bringing in much revenue.

He said he’s already heard back from many artists, that they are still looking forward to the show, however it is put on.


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