Employment firm: ‘Essential’ businesses busy, still hiring

PLATTSBURGH — The continued COVID-19 pandemic has caused a pause in some industries, but a local staffing agency says there’s more opportunity out there.

“There are many essential businesses that are hiring,” ETS CEO & President Deb Cleary said, adding that some partner employers were ramping up.

“We are redeploying those that want to work in positions that are being created due to increased demand,” she said. “It’s a wild ride.

ETS is ready for the challenge and well-positioned to ride out the storm.”

In the wake of the novel coronavirus, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo ordered all non-essential businesses to close up.

And, in certain cases, had added regulations to some businesses that were considered essential.

“Transportation and non-essential warehouse distribution has been heavily affected, like many businesses,” Cleary said, noting the restaurant and retail industries.

“It remains to be seen how this all plays out.”

With this, however, Cleary said many of those businesses considered “essential” were busier than ever.

“We’ve seen an increase in demand in essential business manufacturing and industrial sectors,” she said.

That was true, she added, for industries involved with food and distribution of goods, medical devices and pharmaceutical, as well as essential logistics.


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