Local radio stations join #GiftCardChallenge

LAKE PLACID — North Country Radio, based in Lake Placid, rolled out a national public service announcement campaign on Thursday. The Gift Card Challenge was created to encourage individuals to buy gift cards from local shops and restaurants to show their support.

“We’ve been hearing from many of our listeners that they want to do something, anything to help out. Our on-air staff has been talking about buying gift cards already,” station Vice President Jim Williams said in a press release. “The Gift Card Challenge PSA is a positive message that sums up the idea in a creative 60 second message.”

The script was voiced by radio station personalities from all over the country and is available to any radio station that is interested in airing the message. Hundreds of stations have already received copies of the PSA, and it is already airing on stations from South Dakota to Kentucky.

Program Director Ethan Gawel said “Supporting local businesses is important all the time, but during this time it’s crucial. Small businesses are the heart of our community as well as many other communities around the country. Hopefully this message will encourage people to come together and support the cause.”

Williams added, “If everyone that is able could buy just one gift card, it could have a significant impact to a small business that’s struggling right now. We’re hearing stories of people buying gift cards and passing them along to hospital staff, postal workers and others on the front line doing what they can to help keep us all safe.”

Ready-to-air versions of the Gift Card Challenge PSA are available to any radio station by contacting Williams at jwilliams@nc-radio.com.

North Country Radio operates two radio stations: The MIX (WSLP and WRGR) and Adirondack 105 (WLPW and WVSL), covering the Adirondack region.


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