It’s a 3-way House race

SAM Party candidate joins Cobb, Stefanik

Jeffrey French (Photo provided)

A new political contender has entered the race for New York’s 21st Congressional District seat, representing the relatively new Serve America Movement (SAM) Party.

Jeffrey French, of Natural Bridge on the Jefferson-Lewis county line, is officially registered as a candidate with the state Board of Elections, along with Republican incumbent Elise Stefanik of Schuylerville and Democratic challenger Tedra Cobb of Canton.

French said NY-21’s congressperson should work for their constituents, not for reelection or money, and that politicians spend too much. He said he wants to focus on avoiding a “complete economic collapse,” which he said the federal government is bringing to a head by not handling the national debt.

He also disagrees with the government’s current handling of the coronavirus pandemic: halting many industries and stopping gatherings in an attempt to slow the spread of the virus.

“If I was in Congress, I would be discouraging shutting business and economy down for a virus,” French said. “We have many viruses out there that are just as deadly as this, and we did not shut the economy down for them.”

French said people should take precautions to protect themselves and others, while keeping the economy open.

French said he used to be a Republican, then a Conservative, but he said he had the same problems with both parties.

“I believe the two parties are just locked in partisanship where it’s all about power and money and it’s not about the American people anymore,” French said.

“Are you tired of the two-party system that continually disregards your voice?” he wrote in a letter to the Enterprise. “Are you tired of legislation being passed that violate(s) your constitutional and civil rights? Are you tired of partisan fighting instead of them working for the American people? Are you tired of government overreach of power? Well; you do not have to wait any longer.”

The SAM Party was founded in 2017 by staffers of former President George W. Bush and has seen much of its growth in New York, including 2018 gubernatorial candidate Stephanie A. Miner, who shares initials with the party. Former town of Thurman Supervisor Evelyn Wood is also running on the SAM Party line for the state 114th Assembly District seat, currently held by Dan Stec, who is running for state Senate.

French said he hopes to help grow the party during his campaign.

“My budget is limited, but I have a game plan to get the word out,” he said.

French said he has been a cab driver, carpenter and cook. He also worked for the defense contractor DynCorp International, eventually becoming its deputy program manager.

He served in the military for 27 years: 21 in the Army and six in the Air Force.

French said he supports a “robust national security and defense without violating our constitutional and civil rights.” He also supports “health care coverage opportunities that promote our capitalist and free trade economic foundation, fair tax reforms, and innovative solutions to transform Social Security and Medicare.”


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