Memories of skiing Big Tupper

Jim Lanthier combed through a trove of photos taken by legendary Tupper Lake photographer Kathleen Bigrow to find her visual history of skiing in Tupper Lake. (Enterprise photo — Aaron Cerbone)

TUPPER LAKE — For those who love skiing, photography or history, Tupper Arts has a Valentine’s Day event to satisfy.

The photo exhibit “Thru the Lens of Kathleen Bigrow: Ski Big Tupper” will be on display through the spring and opens Feb. 14 at 4 p.m. It features over 100 photos taken by legendary town photographer Kathleen Bigrow over a 39-year period, following skiers on the now-closed Sugarloaf Mountain, construction of the Big Tupper Ski Area and skiers cruising through the powder on the mountain.

The photos come from Tupper Arts member Jim Lanthier, who spent around three months digging through Bigrow’s extensive archive of photos stored in the back of the arts center and pulling all of the ski pictures. The photos were matted into prints by Ed Donnelly and are all for sale for $35 apiece.

Tupper Arts has put on a Kathleen Bigrow exhibit before, but there will only be two or three repeat photos. The rest will all be brand new to public viewing.

Lanthier said he already has another idea for an exhibit.

The exhibit includes a 35-minute compilation of home movies taken on the mountain, compiled by Rick Godin.

The Big Tupper Ski Area is currently closed. It has been for several years now and efforts to reopen it, led by developers Tom Lawson and Michael Foxman, are currently at a standstill.

Tupper Arts Director Louise McNally’s husband Mike McNally is one of two men filing a lawsuit against Foxman and Lawson’s company, aimed at getting the property the ski area sits on into the hands of someone who can get it back in operation.

Until then, heartbroken skiers can experience the early days of skiing in Tupper Lake at the Tupper Arts Center.


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