David Bova sentenced to 25-years-to-life for murder

David Bova is seen in April 2019 after his March arrest. (Photo provided)

PLATTSBURGH — David J. Bova has been sentenced to 25-years-to-life for the murder of Magen Goyette.

Bova, 31, along with his defense attorney James Tyner, of Latham, heard Judge William Favreau’s ruling in the Clinton County Courthouse Thursday afternoon.

Clinton County District Attorney Andrew Wylie, prosecutor of the case, first outlined that the people hoped for maximum sentences on all charges before introducing several members of Goyette’s family who wished to read letters to Favreau, including Magen’s mother, Michelle Goyette.

Michelle Goyette, who was driving the truck that her daughter was riding in when Bova committed the murder, read a letter written by her and Magen’s father, George Goyette.

“This is the most difficult reality we could ever be in,” Michelle Goyette said. “Our family trusted this man. He was welcome to enter our home and our lives. Magen was truly one of a kind. Our family was the center of her world.”

Two other letters were read on behalf of other family members.

Wylie also brought up several points from the pre-sentencing investigation report, including that it had been found that Bova fired four rounds at the truck Michelle and Magen Goyette were riding in March 13.

One shot hit Magen Goyette in the head, killing her, while the others were embedded in the vehicle, some in the driver’s side.

“It was a crime that David Bova could have and should have walked away from,” Wylie said.

Tyner made brief comments on the case, but said that because Bova had already admitted he was guilty and showed remorse, he wanted to let Bova speak for himself before Favreau handed down a sentence.

“I am truly sorry for the events that happened on March 13,” Bova said. “I never meant to hurt anybody.”

This case was originally set to go to trial on Oct. 15, but Bova instead pleaded guilty that day.

“I do appreciate that you did come into this court and saved the family a long protracted trial,” Favreau said.

But not enough to be lenient.

On top of the 25-years-to-life for the second-degree murder charge, Favreau sentenced Bova to 20 years with five years post-release supervision for second-degree attempted murder, 10 years with five years post-release supervision for second-degree criminal possession of a weapon, 15 years with five years post-release supervision for first-degree criminal use of a firearm and one year for second-degree menacing.

All sentences will be served concurrently.

Fines against Bova totalled $21,000, as well as a $300 surcharge, a $50 DNA charge, a $25 crime victims charge and $5,530.50 of restitution for the costs of Goyette’s funeral.

Favreau also enacted an order of protection protecting Michelle and George Goyette for eight years following Bova’s release, if and when he gets out.

Bova murdered Goyette in the Town of Black Brook on March 13.

The killing followed several verbal altercations between the pair the night before and the morning of the 13th, according to a statement Bova gave to State Police.

According to the same statement, given by Bova after his arrest, he used a semi-automatic 9 mm Hi-Point rifle to shoot at the black Chevrolet pickup truck Goyette was riding in as it drove toward him on Silver Lake Road in Black Brook, with him adding, “I’m not sure if I hit the truck or anyone in it.”

Goyette, 30, died of a gunshot wound to the head shortly after the incident.


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