TL broadband survey to gauge desire for fiber

TUPPER LAKE — The Tupper Lake Broadband Committee is asking residents and business owners to fill out a survey on their current broadband service to gauge if and how to expand fiber optic service for faster internet.

The survey will be mailed out to around 120 businesses already near the Development Authority of the North Country’s existing fiber optic line, and residents can fill it out online by visiting tupperlakeny.gov and clicking the “take the survey here” link before Dec. 31.

The 11-question survey is described as an “exploratory first step” in fiber optic expansion. DANC has already brought fiber optic internet access to Tupper Lake schools, the Wild Center nature museum and the Municipal Park, so the initial lines are already in the ground. Town Councilman John Quinn, who is on the broadband committee, said the survey would give the committee an idea of if there is interest in expanding those lines.

The survey asks respondents to talk about their existing internet providers, cost and satisfaction with services. One portion asks if they have issues with their service and if another provider could address that issue but costs more, if they would be willing to switch.

The committee, which was formed by volunteers a few months ago, has members from local government, community development organizations and Tupper Lake businesses, including Phil Wagschal, former president of Slic Network Solutions and current president of Connected Land Inc., village Trustee Clint Hollingsworth and Melissa McManus, director of community development.

The survey can be found at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/JZQLH9C


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