Bug spray maker looks to move to sanatorium site

Randy Cross poses with a display for his bug repellent, which he licensed with the Old Farmer’s Almanac brand, in June 2018. (Enterprise photo — Griffin Kelly)

SARANAC LAKE — The village Development Board approved a special-use permit and site plan review for a bug spray manufacturer on the grounds of the former Trudeau Sanatorium.

Randy Cross currently produces Carpe Insectae — a line of all-natural bug repellents for both humans and pets — out of the garage behind Nori’s Village Market at 39 Woodruff St. He said he wanted to move into the 5,042-square-foot building at 600 AMA Way for more space.

Cross has partnerships with both the Old Farmer’s Almanac and Crua, the tent company, and said his products are sold in about 2,000 stores.

A member of the public, Sarah Clarkin, raised concerns about trucks driving down that road might have limited space. Cross assured her tractor-trailers already make pickups and deliveries at the AMA property, and the roads can handle their size.

Cross’s business is just the first of many expected to establish themselves on the former sanatorium property since Cure Cottage Development purchased it mid-October. Cure Cottage Development is made up of real estate entrepreneurs brothers Wayne and Scott Zukin, Wayne’s wife Sue Smith, and Brian Draper of the Say Real Estate group in Saranac Lake.