Sen. Little advocates early voting

ALBANY — State Sen. Betty Little, R-Queensbury, is urging voters to take advantage of the first-ever opportunity in New York State to vote early ahead of the general election Nov. 5.

Beginning Saturday, Oct. 26, voters will have the opportunity to cast their votes for candidates running for election on the November ballot. A list of polling sites in the 45th Senate District, which comprises Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Warren and parts of St. Lawrence and Washington Counties, may be found at www.nysenate.gov/early-voting-new-york-state.

“I’ve been a proponent of early voting to help increase voter participation and also recognizing that many people make up their minds well ahead of Election Day,” Little said. “This is the first year, so it will be interesting to see how it works.”

Two years ago, Little, R-Queensbury, sponsored legislation that would have created a “no excuse” absentee ballot, so voters could fill out the ballot at home or local county board of elections and vote before Election Day. That proposal, however, would have required a state constitutional amendment and did not advance. This year, the Legislature approved and governor signed legislation to create this roughly one-week voting window.

“As a mother of six, there were days when getting out of the house on Election Day wasn’t easy. I know a lot of people plan to vote and things come up and the day gets away from them. This is a chance to vote at one’s convenience, avoiding the hassle of long lines and fulfilling a civic duty that is so critical to the strength of our democracy,” Little said.


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