Leaves are starting to change, and peepers are coming

Trees’ foliage is slowly beginning to turn to fall colors in Saranac Lake, as seen Friday. (Enterprise photo — Elizabeth Izzo)

Leaf peeper season is here.

The state released its first Fall Foliage Report of the year this week: Roughly 10% of fall foliage throughout the Adirondacks is expected to change by this weekend.

Local watchers in Saranac Lake are predicting that people will see “touches of red leaves of average brilliance beginning to show over the mostly green backdrop,” according to the report. Tupper Lake watchers predict the leaves will have “traces of mustard, copper and bronze leaves of average brilliance, with occasional spots of burgundy” this weekend, and those watching over Whiteface Mountain in Wilmington are expecting “some shades of red, yellow and orange” to appear.

Leaves begin to turn sooner in higher elevations. That’s why residents here are beginning to see the leaves change color before most of the rest of New York state.

According to the Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism, leaf watchers will be able to enjoy peak colors between late September through mid-October throughout the Adirondacks.

This graphic shows the current fall foliage status statewide. Pictured in green are areas where there has not yet been a change reported. In yellow are areas where the leaves are just beginning to change. (Provided image — I Love NY, New York State Department of Economic Development)

On Instagram, some fall foliage photos were already beginning to trickle in Friday.