Rockers plan another island concert on Tupper Lake

From left, Ron Jones (bass), Jason Hamilton (guitar) and Nigel Darrah (drums) perform on Sally’s Rock in Big Tupper Lake last summer. (Enterprise photo — Griffin Kelly)

TUPPER LAKE — To attend the second Rock on the Rock concert on Tupper Lake, head to 44.194941 latitude and -74.511119 longitude … and bring a life vest.

Last year Mike and Ronnie Jones of the Jones Boys organized a concert in the middle of the lake, an idea Mike had talked about for a long time. They brought guitars, amplifiers and a full drum kit to a small rock island, getting power from a generator on a nearby barge with an extension cord to the island.

Swimmers, musicians and a lot of boats came over to listen and watch.

The brothers liked it so much they did another one later that summer and decided to bring it back this year.

“It was exciting. We play out all the time. It’s always exciting, but it’s never anything quite like this,” said Brian LaDue from the band Shattered.

The concert ended up on the 100-by-30 foot rock island by chance. The original plan was to hold the concert on a barge and call it the Flotilla. However, on the day of the event, when some of the musicians and organizers got a look at the barge that was to be used, they did not have faith it could hold their equipment

“It was leaning on one side. I could just see the equipment falling off and going into the water,” LaDue said. “We were heading across the lake, and we were still kind of considering if we were going to have this on a dock or on this barge.”

“We all started thinking the same thing,” said Mike Comiskey of Shattered. “Why don’t we just do it on the rock?”

The last-minute change ended up being a hit.

Ronnie said this year organizers are going to camp on the shore nearby and set up all the sound equipment in the morning. He will be running the sound and said there will be a “plug and play” setup for the three scheduled bands: the Jones Boys, Shattered and Hamard.

“How all three bands are going to fit on this rock, I can’t wait to see that,” LaDue said.

Ronnie also said local singer Brock Gonyea and local band Jim and E may show up.

Mike said the generator they use is already quiet, and they use two sound panels from his studio to eliminate most noise.

LaDue said the rock is on state land. Though the stone slab goes by many colloquial names, most call it Sally’s Rock.

Ronnie it is a BYOB concert (Bring Your Own Boat).

He said 296 people have responded on Facebook that they are coming to the concert, and he said that is great, unless they show up in 296 boats.