DEC to offer ranger, ECO exams

The state Department of Environmental Conservation has announced that exams for forest ranger and environmental conservation officers has been set.

Taking the civil service exam for these positions is the first step in becoming a ranger or ECO, though there are separate exams and qualifications for each position.

“Potential applicants should closely review qualifications required for each position to determine which exam they are eligible to take,” a press release from the DEC said. “Those who want to apply for both positions, and meet the required qualifications, must submit separate applications and will be required to take both exams.

“Exam scores will be used to rank candidates and create eligible lists to fill openings for Environmental Conservation Police Officers or Forest Rangers. Although the exam is being offered, there is no guarantee that there will be openings. The eligibility list from this exam is expected to remain active for up to four years.”

The exams are scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 19 this year. For more information on the forest ranger qualifications, go to www.cs.ny.gov/examannouncements/announcements/oc/26-706.cfm. For ECO requirements, go to www.cs.ny.gov/examannouncements/announcements/oc/26-713.cfm. To learn more about the exam registration, which is overseen by the state Department of Civil Service, visit www.cs.ny.gov/examannouncements/types/oc.