Two supervisors lose Hamilton County primary

The final results of Hamilton County’s June primary elections have come in, deciding two close town supervisor races, where incumbents were both beat out by new contenders by four votes.

In Lake Pleasant, incumbent town Supervisor Daniel Wilt, an Adirondack Park Agency commissioner who since July 1 has been serving on an expired term, received 176 votes in the Republican, Conservative and Independence primary, whereas newcomer Betsy Bain received 180. Bain is running on a platform of accessibility, eliminating town-paid health insurance for members of the Lake Pleasant Town Board, with the slogan “No Bain, no gain.” She had switched her position on town-paid health insurance for board members, from opposing to supporting it, shortly before the primary.

In the town of Morehouse, incumbent Supervisor William Farber got 24 votes to Fred Darling Jr.’s 28.

The town of Wells had three people running for two town councilperson seats: incumbents William Stuart and Timothy Hunt and newcomer Rebekah Crewell. Hunt received 168 but Crewell beat out Stuart 142 to 121.

Incumbent Benson Town Supervisor John Stortecky maintained his party support with 35 votes, over Phillip Snyder, with 24.


In the Republican race for county Family and Surrogate Court judge Tatiana Coffinger accrued the most votes, 748, followed by Marsha King Purdue, 351, and James Hyde IV, 200, with half of those coming from the town of Wells. On the Conservative line, Coffinger received 11 votes, Purdue, seven, and Hyde, one. On the Independence line, Purdue received seven, and Hyde, 13.

In total, between the three party lines, Coffinger received 769, Purdue, 365, and Hyde, 214.

For county district attorney, Christopher Shambo accrued 762 votes, and Dana Beyer, 407.

(Corrections: An earlier version of this article did not explain that Bain had switched her position on health insurance for board members. It also inaccurately said she wanted to improve the town reverse osmosis system, which the town does not have.)