Tupper Conservative Party backs Dems as well as a Republican

TUPPER LAKE — The local Conservative party held its caucus last week, nominating two Democratic town council candidates and one Republican town justice incumbent.

Dean Lefebvre and Daniel “Boonie” Carmichael, already running for four-year-term council seats on the Democratic line, and incumbent Justice Leonard Young III, also running unopposed for another four-year term on the Republican line, were nominated by party Chairman Rick Dattola and Joanne Bickford at the small caucus meeting.

“It was sparsely attended,” Lefebvre said. “The Conservative Party is not a large party in Tupper.”

He said the Conservative Party rarely runs candidates, but that it was a way for him and Young to run on the same line with Carmichael. Lefebvre and Young ran together back when Young first started as a town justice and when Lefebvre started his 18 years as town supervisor, then as a Republican.

“Democrats hopefully will vote for us on the Democrat line, and it gives Republicans who may not want to vote for the incumbents the opportunity to vote on the Conservative line, because they might well not vote on the Democrat line,” Lefebvre said. “The main reason I’m running now is not so much to look back at all the accomplishments I made while in office, but to look ahead and think about what I can do to help Tupper Lake.”

Though he has not been a Conservative candidate before, he said he believes in the tenets of the party.

“I may be a Democrat, but I’m a conservative Democrat,” Lefebvre said. “I’m a strict believer in the Constitution of the United States, the way that it was written and not the way that everybody tries to interpret it.”

Carmichael ran for town council on the Democratic and Conservative/Maple Leaf lines in 2017. He said he joined the Democratic Party last election season and described his politics as being libertarian.

Lefebvre and Carmichael will face off against Republican Councilwomen Mary Fontana and Tracy Luton in the November election.