Artist sets sights on new canvas: New mural for town hall will depict Adirondack scenes to be painted this summer

This mural design by local illustrator Nip Rogers is set to be installed above the entryway of the North Elba Town Hall this summer. (Image provided)

LAKE PLACID — A new mural will be installed above the entryway of the North Elba Town Hall this summer.

Nip Rogers, a local illustrator with more than 30 years of experience, has conceptualized a triangular design that features two versions of the same Adirondack landscape, split in half by a bobsled track coming from what appears to be Whiteface Mountain to the shore of Mirror Lake.

On one side, two people are seen running across rolling green hills near a lakefront, where a loon is swimming beside an Adirondack chair. On the other side, two people are cross-country skiing across a snow-covered landscape surrounded by pine trees. The 1932 Olympic Arena is in the foreground and the Lake Placid ski jumps are in the background. In the center of the design, an Olympic cauldron stands lit above a Lake Placid seal.

Rogers will paint the mural on plywood in his workshop and install it above the entryway in the next few weeks.

Rogers has done a lot of work locally. He’s worked with students at the Shipman Youth Center on a mural, done work at the Dancing Bears restaurant and created posters for local sporting events.

The North Elba Town Hall (Enterprise photo — Griffin Kelly)

He said he wanted to paint this mural as a tribute to the late Arthur “Arti” Torrance, another local artist who passed away in April.

Torrance had painted a small mural on the North Elba Town Hall that needed to be removed when work was done on the entryway a few years ago, Rogers said.

“I was good friends with Arti. He was pretty well known with doing artwork downtown,” he said. “I think Arti was kind of almost becoming the Lake Placid artist. I loved that about him. He was so enthusiastic. I did this kind of as a dedication to him.”

The North Elba Town Council on Tuesday authorized Rogers to paint the mural. The town will pay for the plywood and painting supplies, and Rogers will donate his time.