In Gabriels, local store reopens with a busy first weekend

Adirondack Market and Deli co-owner Ken Hanauer re-stocks pasta salads next to the deli counter Monday. (Enterprise photo — Aaron Cerbone)

GABRIELS — The Adirondack Market and Deli opened for business Saturday, and co-owner Dan Bain said the store was busier over the weekend than his Lake Placid location, the Adirondack Corner Store, which he has owned for 11 years.

The inside of the former Brighton Market (and before that Brighton Mini Mart) looks completely new. From the flooring to the lights in the ceiling, almost everything is new.

On Monday Bain greeted customers, reintroducing them to the shop as he adjusted anything out of order. While showing off the store’s grocery aisles, deli selection and 12 varieties of Green Mountain coffee, he would stop to rearrange candy bars, untangle the “Open” flag from the flagpole and pull bags of snacks to the fronts of the shelves.

Bain was up until the small hours of the morning stocking the shelves with baking essentials, camping supplies and ice cream for the store’s weekend opening. On Friday he said he was there until 2:30 a.m. getting groceries set up. In order to sell beer, the store needs all of its grocery items ready to go before a brew can be sold.

“Driving home I was saying, ‘I’ve made a big mistake,'” Bain said. “I was scared.”

The Adirondack Market and Deli has a new sign, and the outside of the building is expected to get a renovation like the inside recently did. (Enterprise photo — Aaron Cerbone)

He said he was relieved Saturday morning when the store was busier than he had expected and he saw people coming in to buy coffee, pasta salads and kitchen essentials.

It is uncommon in the Adirondacks for a hamlet the size of Gabriels to have a functioning convenience store as stocked as the Adirondack Market and Deli. Bloomingdale and Vermontville, both nearby hamlets, have lost their stores in recent years.

Bain said the store has the same grocery inventory as the Adirondack Corner Store. However, the Adirondack Market and Deli is a larger store, and he said he had to find more products to fill it with.

He said if the store doesn’t have a certain product someone wants, there is a way for them to get it.

“We have a list at the register,” Bain said.

Customers shop Monday at the Adirondack Market and Deli, which opened Saturday in Gabriels. (Enterprise photos — Aaron Cerbone)

He said if a couple of people request a certain brand or product, or a local resident knows they will buy it often, they will start carrying it.

Though some were concerned by photos on the store’s Facebook page of fridges full of cheap beer, the two coolers in the photos only make up a third of the store’s selection, with the other fridges including more expensive beers.

The store’s hours are from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

“If our doors are open, our deli is open,” Bain said.