Lake Placid appoints new village court clerk

LAKE PLACID — This village hired a new court clerk.

The Village Board of Trustees appointed Victoria Duffy as the new court clerk at Monday night’s public board meeting.

Duffy will replace Mirra Bickford, who recently resigned from the position and took a job at the Essex County Family Court as the deputy chief clerk.

Village Judge David Chapman submitted a letter to the board, praising Duffy’s interest in the position.

“Ms. Duffy impressed me as quick study, energetic, focused, responsive and determined,” he said. “She took the initiative to come to a session of the Lake Placid Village Court when and where she stood with Mirra and displayed a sincere interest in the activities and mission of the court.”

In regard to Bickford, Chapman said, “I believe the Essex County District Attorney’s Office, the Essex County Public Defenders Office and the numerous attorneys in private practice in this area would all agree that Mirra has been a loyal, dedicated highly competent and responsive court clerk. She deserves our respect and appreciation for a job well done.”