Another cell tower planned for Bloomingdale

BLOOMINGDALE — The St. Armand Town Council approved contract and lease negotiations to proceed with AT&T for a new cellphone tower.

The next step will be approval from the state Adirondack Park Agency, which must review any new structure in the park taller than 40 feet.

“The tower will be next to our water tank and the Verizon tower on Reservoir Lane here in Bloomingdale,” town Supervisor Dean Montroy wrote in an email. “They will install and pay for the tower, pre-fab building and electric service.”

While the lease details are not final yet, Montroy said AT&T will not buy the site, but pay a monthly lease. Town officials are still in talks to finalize the contract, Montroy said.

One of the conditions the town seeks to include is that if AT&T pulls out of the site, it would have to take its equipment and structures away as well.

“I know they are in the process of submitting the application for APA approval, which may take up to 3 months,” Montroy wrote. “Once they secure this approval they will be starting immediately with a goal of having the site up and running this fall, weather permitting and at the latest in the Spring of 2020.”

He said the process should proceed faster than it did for the Verizon tower because the AT&T tower is planned to be shorter.