Ice Palace building to start Thursday

The 2018 Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Ice Palace (Photo provided)

SARANAC LAKE — Construction of the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Ice Palace is scheduled to begin on Thursday, the Carnival Committee announced in a press release Tuesday night.

Construction involves harvesting ice from Lake Flower, transporting it to the shore and assembling it according to a blueprint. Construction on the palace will likely continue until the start of the carnival on Feb. 1, committee officials said.

The Ice Palace is built by volunteers, organized by a group informally known as the Ice Palace Workers 101 (IPW 101). Starting Friday, the public is welcome to volunteer. Roles are assigned based on comfort level, skill and ability.

The construction of the Ice Palace is a community effort by those dedicated to keeping this time-honored tradition alive. Volunteers are subject to very cold temperatures and inclement weather conditions, all while handling ice and snow. Despite these harsh conditions, camaraderie is evident, and a sense of pride is felt among the volunteers who contribute to continuing the legacy.

Modern equipment is used for the heavy lifting, but traditional manual methods are practiced as well, including antique hand saws and ice tongs. Another manual process which is critical to the construction is making slush, a mixture of water and snow. The slush forms the mortar which holds the Ice Palace together. Volunteers fill countless buckets with water, pound in snow, carry it to the palace walls and apply the slush with rubber gloved hands.

The Ice Palace is a crowning achievement and is the most popular attraction at the Winter Carnival. The palace is located on River Street, next to the state boat launch on Lake Flower.

The 2019 Winter Carnival will take place Feb. 1 to 10. This communitywide event traces its roots to a one-day Winter Carnival held in 1897 by the Pontiac Club.


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