Kahn’s spokesman previously trolled her, others

Paul Paterakis, the spokesman for 21st Congressional District Green Party candidate Lynn S. Kahn, spent the summer trolling candidates on Twitter — including Kahn.

Paterakis was the spokesman for Patrick F. Nelson, one of the Democratic candidates in the congressional primary who lost to Tedra L. Cobb. On the night of the primary, he tweeted “I have officially resigned from the Nelson campaign” and “The North Country Democrats just delivered another easy victory to Congresswoman Stefanik.”

The next day, however, he launched an attack, not on Cobb or incumbent Republican Elise M. Stefanik, but Kahn.

“@lynnskahn The Green Party is so unelectable, that in Greece, where a total of 8 different parties have a seat in Parliament… your party still isn’t represented! Enjoy your 3% victory this November,” he wrote.

Paterakis acknowledged that he attacked the candidate he wound up working for.

“I did attack her back then, I think I’ve attacked everyone in the race,” he said.

Over the course of the summer, however, Paterakis said he became increasingly impressed with Kahn.

“I started reading her message,” he said. “I felt she was evolving more on the issues than the other candidates … it was pretty easy transferring from Patrick’s platforms to hers.”

Pointing to a mix of liberal and libertarian views, Paterakis said he thought Kahn would appeal to a wide variety of people, including farmers frustrated with the current farm bill.

“I see pulling votes from both parties,” he said. “We’re certainly looking forward to the debate.”