Tupper will fine for dog droppings

TUPPER LAKE — Mayor Paul Maroun warned village residents on Wednesday: Clean up after your dogs, or face the long arm of the law.

Due to a consistent flow of informal complaints to the village offices about dog poop seen “all over” uptown, downtown and in the parks, including several complaints the day of the village board meeting, Maroun said village police will start handing out tickets.

“We want people to have dogs and animals, to walk their dogs; just clean it up after them,” Maroun said. “We are getting a lot of complaints.”

Maroun said he believes that if the police issue three or four tickets, word will get around and people will start cleaning up the droppings themselves.

The fine for a first violation is a minimum of $100, $200 for a second offense and $300 for all subsequent offenses. The law comes from a 2005 ordinance but has not been applied in many years.

A dog walker is supposed to carry a bag or some sort of receptacle, and if stopped by an officer must be able to show possession of one. Fines are mandatorily doubled for violations on school grounds, public parks and recreation areas.

Maroun said there are free bags and receptacles provided by the village on Demars Boulevard, the walkway in Flanders Park, the recreational train and in front of the village office on Park Street.


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