Woman pleads guilty to embezzling money from Whiteface Lodge

Morgan Miller (Photo provided by New York State Police)

A former employee of the Whiteface Lodge in Lake Placid who embezzled more than $134,000 over two years pleaded guilty to grand larceny in the third degree Monday at the Essex County Courthouse in Elizabethtown.

Essex County District Attorney Kristy Sprague said Morgan B. Miller, who was 36 years old as of October 2017, is due back at the court for her sentencing on Aug. 13 at 1:45 p.m. Sprague said the recommended sentencing is two to six years in prison, which could be reduced with the possibility of shock incarceration.

The Moriah Shock Incarceration Correctional Facility in Mineville offers intensive boot-camp-style rehabilitation programs for inmates convicted of crimes such as theft and low-level drug offenses.

“Shock is there to help inmates turn their lives around physically and mentally,” Sprague said. “They then go on parole after they’ve completed the program. It does have some pretty impressive success stories. People come out of the program looking different and forming better relationships with their families.”

In fall 2017, state police charged Miller after she used the Whiteface Lodge business credit card to make an exorbitant amount of unauthorized purchases for personal expenditures.

“They had discovered she was making questionable purchases with the company credit card,” said Jennifer Fleishman, Troop B public information officer.

Miller had been working at the resort for more than a decade before she left and pursued took a job as an operations and finance manager with the Adirondack North Country Association that August. Representatives of the Lodge and ANCA could not be reached for comment immediately.