Top in Fry Pan Toss

Winter Carnival Queen Nancy LaBombard throws a frying pan during the Ladies Fry Pan Toss Contest. (Enterprise photo — Glynis Hart)

SARANAC LAKE — The Ladies and Little Ladies Fry Pan Toss Contests at Winter Carnival gave participants a chance to practice the little-known art of throwing a cast-iron pan as far as possible.

The popular event drew a heavy crowd in below-freezing temperatures, as families and friends gathered to take pictures of the event and cheer on their personal pan-throwing champions.

Although most participants opted to take off their gloves for the throw, others decided not to grasp the frigid handle of the frying pan to fling it. They were advised by the referees to throw underhand, softball style.

Although every participant went home with a ribbon, those who threw the farthest received special mention. Winners of the Little Ladies Fry Pan Toss, by age group, are as follows:

¯ Devyn Quinn, 6-8 age group, 28 feet, 1 inch

¯ Payton Narolis, 9-12, 39 feet

¯ Tailor Whitson, 13-17, 40 feet, 8 inches.

The adult Ladies Fry Pan Toss winners are as follows:

¯ Amanda Galway 18-25, 51 feet, 10 inches

¯ Hannah Pelkey, 26-40, 45 feet, 4 inches

¯ Michelle Raville, 41-50, 36 feet, 9 inches

¯ Kathy Frizzell, 51-59, 38 feet, 2 inches

¯ Janet Swentusky, masters category 60+, 30 feet, 6 inches


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