For skateboarders, spring is here

Andrew Collins is on a roll at the Saranac Lake SkatePark Monday. (Enterprise photo — Griffin Kelly)
Johnny Seemueller (Enterprise photo — Griffin Kelly)
Vinny Poupore (Enterprise photo — Griffin Kelly)
Will Blanchard (Enterprise photo — Griffin Kelly)
Jake Kyler (Enterprise photo — Griffin Kelly)

SARANAC LAKE — As the weather warms up and the snow melts, a handful of skateboarders met Monday at the Saranac Lake SkatePark to grind, flip and grab.

It’s a sport with true dedication. With the skatepark being located right behind the Enterprise office, the sound of polyurethane wheels skidding along concrete could be heard from noon to dinnertime. No matter how many times the skaters bailed or messed up a line, they kept getting back on their boards, determined to nail their tricks and eventually succeeding.


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