ROOST review shows growth in Tupper Lake

TUPPER LAKE — The Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism held a regional destination marketing review for the town of Tupper Lake Thursday to show what the marketing organization has done over the past year, take public comment from residents and discuss plans for the future.

With around 25 people in attendance at Big Tupper Brewing, the team presented the growth the Tupper Lake brand has seen in 2017, its third year under a ROOST contract.

The Tupper Lake Facebook page saw a 58 percent rise in followers, reaching 18,752 people on the social media platform. The town now has 1,283 Instagram followers, 142,000 email subscribers and 755,311 page views on the 800 pages of content on The website reached 217,661 visitors this year, up 15.6 percent from 2016.

Tupper Lake’s annual Tinman triathlon, which celebrated its 35th year in June, had experienced a decline in registration over the past decade as more related races popped up in the North Country. After the town’s marketing contract with Toughman ended, ROOST took up the responsibility of marketing and producing the race, leading to a 27 percent increase in registration and just under $400,000 spent by athletes in the town.

Videos produced with Matador Network, a travel media brand, allowed smaller communities surrounding Tupper Lake to get eyes on them as well, with 272,272 views on Facebook and 34,663 on YouTube of a video showing aerial footage of Adirondack landscapes and towns. A Matador video focusing on Tupper Lake received 182,531 Facebook views and 26,314 YouTube views.

The Wild Center, which saw a large boost in attendance over the past three years due to the addition of the Wild Walk, has gone from 59,000 visitors in 2014 to 144,944 in 2017 according to the museum’s communications manager Tracey Legat.

ROOST’s plan for the future centers on destination development, according to marketing director Michelle Clement Clement. The organization has plans to introduce new signage for Tupper Lake’s amenities, a feasibility study on four season use of the golf course in conjunction with the town, which owns the course, and an accommodation study of hotels within the town.