Update: Plane makes emergency landing at Lake Clear airport; no injuries

No injuries after smoke condition in cabin

LAKE CLEAR — A small passenger plane made an emergency landing at the Adirondack Regional Airport early Friday evening.

The Saranac Lake Volunteer Fire Department responded to a call at the airport at 5:02 p.m. to respond for an emergency landing of a Cape Air passenger aircraft that they were told was experiencing smoke in the cabin.

Speaking Sunday morning, Cape Air spokeswoman Michelle Haynes said there were five passengers on board the nine-person Cessna 402, Flight 1815, which landed without incident at Adirondack Regional Airport. Haynes and firefighters added that there were no injuries and minimal effects to passengers.

“In flight, the captain noticed there was an abnormality with the engine,” Haynes said. “Definitely something concerning the pilot.

“I talked to the station manager in Saranac Lake,” Haynes added. “She said the passengers were all fine, they weren’t even aware why they landed.

“There was a whiff of smoke,” Haynes continued, “and when the captain adjusted the controls, the smoke immediately dissipated and he called for a priority landing.”

The plane departed from Albany International Airport with a destination of Ogdensburg Regional Airport earlier Friday afternoon. After the emergency landing, firefighters subsequently assisted passengers on the airport runway. Haynes said passengers were then ground transported to Ogdensburg.

Firefighters said early Friday evening the cause of the smoke appeared to be the overheating of electrical equipment, though firefighters couldn’t say that with 100 percent certainty. Haynes emphasized on Sunday that the airline still did not know the cause of the smoke.

But when anything goes bump in the air, it’s unnerving,” Haynes said. “And we always want to make sure we connect with passengers afterward to make sure everything is OK.”

Two trucks and eight firefighters reported to the scene at 96 Airport Road and were back in service at 6:07 p.m. Friday. Lake Placid Volunteer Fire Department provided stand-by assistance at the Saranac Lake department during the incident.

Cape Air is based in Hyannis, Massachusetts and has an office at 5 Broadway in Saranac Lake. The airline is the lone commercial passenger service that flies out of the Adirondack Regional Airport in Lake Clear, which is owned and run by the town of Harrietstown. In total, the airport serves more than 9,000 passengers a year and provides daily service to and from Boston.


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