NCREDC supports Boreas Ponds classification

The North Country Regional Economic Development Council has written a letter in support of alternative one classification for the Boreas Ponds.

The council supports the classification, as a mix of Wild forest and Wilderness lands, to provide four-season recreational and economic diversity and bring in tourists, according to the letter.

The organization is particularly interested in new bicycling trails and snowmobiling opportunities in the area.

“Adding new opportunities for these recreationists on the Boreas Ponds property will be a tremendous complement to the work already underway on a local level, as well to the noteworthy work of I Love NY in helping establish the Adirondack Region as a four-season vacation destination,” the letter said. “But these broadened recreational opportunities can only be accomplished under Alternative 1.”

However, the council has cautioned the Adirondack Park Agency about putting too much credence in to claims that Wilderness lands generate more economic benefits to communities, the letter said. Average home values, especially when influenced by the sale of seasonal homes, have limited influence on demonstrating a community’s economic health and growth potential.

The organization said drivers of the economy will include sales and occupancy tax revenue increase, year-round employment opportunities for residents and rising household incomes.

“Opening portions of the Boreas Ponds property for bicycling and snowmobiling and ensuring the property is accessible to people of all ages and abilities, not just the most experienced and able-bodied, will help generate a higher level of interest in the Adirondack Park as worthy of the state’s ongoing public investment, a year-round destination for residents and tourists to experience the park, and to create the demand that will accelerate private investment and meaningful economic growth,” the letter said.

The public comment period for the classification is open until Friday.


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