Like U.S., Essex, Franklin counties narrowly go for Trump

Clinton takes Clinton County by a razor-thin margin

(Enterprise graphic — Steve Bradley)

Though President-elect Donald Trump trailed Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton by about 200,000 votes in the national popular vote as of Wednesday afternoon, Trump took Essex and Franklin counties by a narrow margin in Tuesday’s historic election.

The final tally in Essex County was 7,275 votes for Trump to 6,760 votes for Clinton — a margin of 515 votes. That’s 46.7 percent for the Republican and 43.3 percent for the Democrat. Turnout was high; 65 percent (15,567) of the 23,973 registered voters in Essex County voted Tuesday.

Trump’s winning margin in Franklin County was wider, securing 48.8 percent of the vote to Clinton’s 41.7 percent. The final tally was 7,636 votes for Trump to 6,517 votes for Clinton — a margin of 1,119 votes. Turnout in Franklin County was a bit lower than in Essex, with 62 percent (15,640) of 25,174 registered voters showing up Tuesday.

“I think Clinton is manipulative and a liar, and we’ve had enough of that,” Bob King of Tupper Lake said after voting Tuesday morning. “I believe Trump really thinks in his heart he can do a lot better than Clinton, especially economically. Whether he can do it or not, I don’t know, but I’m willing to give him a chance.”

Clinton barely edged Trump in Clinton County, where she secured 45.9 percent of the vote to Trump’s 45 percent. She defeated Trump by just 265 votes in Clinton County, 13,446 to 13,181. Sixty-three percent (29,295) of 46,202 active registered voters in Clinton County voted Tuesday.

The 0.91-percent difference in votes between Clinton and Trump in Clinton County was the closest margin of victory for either Trump or Clinton in any of New York’s 62 counties.

Despite Trump’s victories in Essex and Franklin counties as well as in 44 more of New York’s 62 counties, Clinton easily won New York’s 29 electoral votes as expected, defeating Trump 59 percent to 28 percent in the statewide popular vote.


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