Blue Line Gin earns Double Gold medal at Watkins Glen tasting

LAKE PLACID – Blue Line Gin earned a Double Gold medal at the August 10th New York State Wine and Grape Foundation annual tasting event in Watkins Glen.

The 31st New York State Wine & Food Classic featured over 900 entries from across New York state.

“A Double Gold medal awards denotes unanimity among judging panelists, you might consider Double Gold as exceptional,” said Ann S. O’Leary, president of Lake Placid Spirits. “We have captured the essence of the Northern Adirondack forest. Blue Line Gin evokes and provides a unique gin experience with a smooth finish lacking the harsh bite of many other gin’s from all over the world.”

“Wine and spirits competitions are a unique blend of the objective and the subjective,” quoted Twig McGlynn, the resident in house distiller of Blue Line Gin at Lake Placid Spirits. “The objectivity involves several people in a blind tasting process which eliminates personal bias for a region or a particular producer. The subjectivity involves the personal taste sensitivity and preferences of different people.

“I have won a lot of medals in sport and many in alpine skiing but never a Double Gold Medal. Next time I am distilling a micro batch of Blue Line Gin for 13 hot hours at our hybrid copper column pot still I will take some energy from this Double Gold result to get through that day.”

The new Woodchopper Flavored Whisky also captured a Silver medal.

For more results, visit www.newyorkwines.org.


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