Top Tupper spellers

On Feb. 27, the L.P. Quinn Elementary School held the annual third grade Spelling Bee. This year we had 42 participates. The spelling bee happens in different rounds. Each round words do get a little tougher. The first round starts with three letter words and progressed from there. This year, students progressed all the way to round eight. Round eight started with three spellers. Third place speller Hayden Lucey was eliminated on the word “multiply.” The last two spellers had quite the duel. They went back and forth, with correct spellings and incorrect spellings, through 22 words. Lyla Robillard earned herself second place with the tricky word “cruise.” Bryce Richer spelled “cruise” and “closet” correctly, earning himself the 2019 title of Spelling Bee Champion. Pictured from left, are L.P. Quinn Elementary School students Hayden Lucey (3rd place) Bryce Richer (1st place) and Lyla Robillard (2nd place). (Photo provided)