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Locals represent in 90-Miler

September 10, 2013
By staff ( , Adirondack Daily Enterprise

SARANAC LAKE - More than 600 paddlers in about 275 boats paddled from Old Forge to Saranac Lake Friday to Sunday in the 31st Adirondack Canoe Classic, also known as the 90-Miler.

Many of those paddlers were from the Tri-Lakes area. Some competed in the racing classes while others were in the open touring category and content just to finish.

The following is a roundup of results for local paddlers:

Article Photos

Stefan and Dana Bibb of Rainbow Lake and Westford, Vt. paddle Brown’s Tract on day one of the 90-Miler. The pair paddled in the non-competitive open touring division.
(Enterprise photo — Lou Reuter)


Adirondack Canoe Classic

Sept. 6-8

Open Touring
Bruce Kennedy/Tom Necrason (Plattsburgh/Saranac Lake)6:22:255:17:093:51:2915:31:03
M. Maguire/D. Vallee/P. Macguire/M. Maguire (Lake Clear/Malone)6:36:455:30:553:51:2415:59:04
Andy Fox (Saranac Lake)6:29:365:35:154:07:5716:12:48
Dana Bibb/Stefan Bibb (Rainbow Lake/Vermont)6:42:155:33:094:08:5316:24:17
Aaron Mozdzier/J. Munn/J. Baumann/M. Glennon (T. Lake/S. Lake/Mountain View)7:02:265:31:534:03:2216:37:41
Jeff Erenstone (Lake Placid)7:02:535:50:544:18:5517:12:42
Bill Frazer (Lake Placid)7:02:535:50:554:43:3017:37:18
Marty Lawthers/Ed Mazdzer (Saranac Lake)7:30:196:05:244:30:3318:06:16
Susan Storh/Mary Duk (Saranac Lake)7:36:136:10:184:28:2918:15:00
MacKenzie Knobel-Tyler/Chris Tyler (Saranac Lake)7:44:016:20:244:39:2418:43:49
Ian Haines (Paul Smiths)7:32:286:11:185:15:0718:58:53
Jeff Dickson/Greg Dickson/Susan Hearn (Saranac Lake)8:14:496:54:525:00:3220:10:13
One-person Guideboat
3. Curtis Reynolds (Lake Clear)6:38:285:34:594:00:4216:14:09
Voyageur Canoes
3. Team NFCT (Saranac Lake area/Vermont) D. Shows/S. Van Laer/H. Kretster/S. Ford, W. Opuszynski/J. Bledsoe/ N. Pollock/M. Lynch6:14:085:07:173:37:1714:58:42
C-2 Recreation — Men
1. Mike Cerasaro, Justin Andrews (Paul Smith’s College)6:37:295:29:043:56:1616:02:49
Solo Recreation — Men
1. Joe Moore (Lake Placid)6:03:325:12:483:44.4015:01:00
2. Eddie Gibbs (Ray Brook)6:05:115:12:463:45:0215:02:59
Touring Kayak — Men’s Veterans
1. Roger Gocking (Saranac Lake)5:41:444:51:263:37:2114:10:31
C-2 Stock — Men’s Open
1. Dylan Kirk/Ben Jacques (Paul Smith’s College)5:44:294:50:123:26:3714:01:18
2. Royal McDonnell/Kyle Dash (Paul Smiths/Paul Smith’s College)5:50:134:48:573:36:1214:15:22
C-2 Stock — Men’s Masters
6. Joe Garso/David Funk (Lake Clear/Penn.)6:40:155:32:594:02:5716:16:11
C-2 Stock — Mixed Masters
3. Jim Minnie/Sandy Waters (Saranac Lake/Albany)6:51:395:44:484:19:4316:56:10
C-2 Stock — Women
1. Sara Lindsay/Melinda Frazer (Lake Placid)6:56:235:54:374:21:3517:12:35
2. Ashley Evans/Lydia Kieffer (Paul Smith’s College/Caribou Maine)7:03:516:02:014:38:5817:44:50
C-2 Stock — Women’s Masters
1. Blanche Town/Diana Billingsley (Canton/Lake Clear)6:24:555:23:143:53:0815:41:17
2. Donna Walsh/Cary Hall (Saranac Lake/Lake Placid)6:32:545:20:433:50:2915:44:06
C-4 Stock — Mixed
6. J. Kolka/R. Carriere/D. Sennett/B. Sutter (Saskatchewan/Auburn/Saranac Lake)5:21:304:24:293:06:5412:52:53
14. T. Kivlen/C. Pazvaznik/K. Brannon (Paul Smiths/Saranac Lake/Lake Clear)6:32:005:14:423:51:1115:37:53
C-4 Stock — Open
4. M. Clout/D. Hunter/P. McConville/M. Winter (Ontario/Lake Placid/Paul Smiths/Bloomingdale)5:05:304:15:443:04:5412:26:08
5. G. Newman/K. Domas/J. Santor/D. Thomas (Canton/Rainbow Lake/Watertown)5:05:354:17:473:05:4812:29:10
C-4 Stock — Men
1. G. Pratt/C. Billingsley, N. Hindley/C. Bruno (Amsterdam/Lake Clear/Penn.)5:24:204:29:003:12:1013:05:30
2. M. Cook/S. Burke/Z. Handler/D Grant (Saranac Lake/Lake Placid)5:27:364:36:043:11:4313:15:23
7. J. Sausville/C. Burnham/N. Gowens/N. Shea (Saranac Lake/Lake Placid)5:43:304:36:533:20:2913:40:52
10. C. Peterson/T. Grossman/J. Mulvihill/D. Kulis (Paul Smiths College)5:59:425:03:203:41:4514:44:47
C-4 Stock — Women
1. McDonnell/Evans (Paul Smiths/Ochiota)6:10:215:13:173:46:2515:10:03



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