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The Enterprise, made easier

October 8, 2012
Editorial by the Adirondack Daily Enterprise: Publisher Catherine Moore, Managing Editor Peter Crowley

We feel it is our job as a local newspaper to keep you informed about your neighborhood, your town, your mayor, your school, your team, your cultural institutions and events, etc. We want to do so wherever you are, and many of you are on the go, keeping track of your world largely through a mobile phone. We've had a mobile version of our website for a long time, but now our new Apple iPhone app makes that experience a whole lot better.

The Enterprise gives you options, offering the news in print, online and on your mobile phone. Chose one or all three, depending on your habits and the experience you are looking for.

The order of communication in reporting the news (skipping the town crier) was the newspaper, then radio, then television and now social media. Today's consumers are offered more media than ever before.

On the whole, people are spending less time with radio than they once did. Over the last many decades, one's car was where one did much of one's radio listening. Tape and CD players ate into that, but now, today's cars come with satellite radio, iPod ports, hard drives and Internet access to use music services like Pandora and Spotify. More and more, ads and local news are avoided.

Top TV networks barely reach 10 percent of all television households. Today's cable or satellite TV packages offer hundreds of channels, and now people have many choices for avoidance by using DVRs and TiVo as well as the remote to run through the channels until it lands on something that catches our eye. Among all those options, few offer the news of our part of northern New York, and then only one or two stories a day.

Lastly, there is social media, being touted as the latest thing to get the word out. Over 1 billion monthly users worldwide are on Facebook (according to Friday's article by the Associated Press), with the average user being 22 years old, and 81 percent living outside the U.S. Why are local businesses spending valuable time and human capital on social media while ignoring their core market locally with traditional media? A local store promoted a "flash mob" sale this year: Attendance was poor, and the shop is now going out of business.

The Enterprise wants to give our readers and advertisers what they demand of us. That's why we strive to keep you informed about your local community. It's why we report many local news stories every day and have high standards for the quality of our journalism. Whether you like the experience of perusing the printed newspaper - doing the crossword, clipping coupons and appreciating that you have all the news right there in your hands - that it's finite, rather than the bottomless feeling one sometimes gets on the Internet - or whether you want it in quick updates on your computer or your iPhone, we have it.

We're trying to make it easy for you, and we'd appreciate your ideas for ways we could make it easier still. Please send feedback to Publisher Catherine Moore at or P.O. Box 318, Saranac Lake, NY 12983.

We just want to offer you a great, award-winning newspaper that will keep you informed and engaged, prompt thought and discussion, help solve problems, and entertain. Get the local news printed or digitally, wherever you are at the moment, but just get it. We've been your community newspaper for 118 years, and we will be in the future, perhaps in a way we can't even imagine.



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