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Keep Iraq in mind in weighing Syria strike

August 29, 2013

Another 80-plus people were killed in Iraq Wednesday, adding to a death toll of thousands just since April. It is becoming clearer and clearer that the U.S....

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Aug-31-13 12:12 PM

IT, your coalition of 51 countries is a joke. The group was built on lies and coercion and it's pretty obvious that the American military did ALL THE HEAVY LIFTING.

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Aug-31-13 12:10 PM

The blind one is the one who sees any difference between the authoritarianism of our present and past president. I agree, Obama is the one to hold accountable now but if you think the disastrous results of the debacle of the Bush presidency ended when he left office then you are extremely naive.

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Aug-30-13 11:42 PM

The "United Nations" have agreed that 'Chemical' means of attrition are not acceptable. Now, we need to react to the inhumane crimes done in Syria. What get's my goat is that most of these countries have been suppressing their people for thousands of years while we/us are only 250 years old as a nation and had fricken' SLAVES and wouldn't let women vote, and is currently still quite segregated. Just an observation. We did a civil war and a revolution war, yet find the power hungry need to intervene. Not me folks!!! Let them 'have at it', there's no real immediate danger to us!

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Aug-30-13 1:41 PM

Name the president that put together a coalition of 51 countries. Now name the president that put together a coalition of one country. Duh. Bush and Cheney are gone. Done. Over. Get over it. The whole noodle belongs to Obama. And if you people cant see it, you are blind.

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Aug-30-13 12:08 PM

I guess I'm just ignorant because I fail to see the difference between killing people with bullets/bombs as opposed to using chemicals. Somehow I think the departed would also find the argument moot.

It's true that "the transition from dictatorship to democracy" is not easy. The transition from democracy to dictatorship seems to go more quickly as we are witnessing now in the US. Those who thought a democrat president would reverse the rapid downhill slide into authoritarianism that Bush/Cheney pursued have been sadly disillusioned. In fact Obama has greaseed the wheels.

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Aug-29-13 10:07 PM

The world community decided after World War I that chemical weapons should never be used. If we let it go in Syria then the standards we think exist mean nothing. We fancy ourselves the greatest power in the world, sometimes that means stepping up to the plate and stopping atrocities like what's happening.

As for Iraq and the Middle East in general, anyone who thinks the transition from dictatorship to democracy is an easy process is an idiot, and anybody who thinks they should skip the messiness because dictatorship is cleaner doesn't deserve the freedom. Our revolution wasn't easy or clean. Europe took from the French Revolution to World War II to get it right. It's messy now but there's a positive movement going on in the Arab world, and if we're smart we'll get on the right side of history.

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Aug-29-13 8:49 PM

censorship gone amuck. what word starts with c and rhymes with rock? it's not a rockroach, it's a cockroach

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Aug-29-13 8:46 PM

no comments here, so I will make one on todays guest editorial. the last time I ate in the hotel ,which was when the college ran it, while waiting for our supper I noticed a steady column of*****roaches climbing up and down the booths and I am not talking about a few. there were dozens and the wait staff appologised but said there was nothing that could be done.. after a disgusting supper we ordered coffee and I could not get the creamer to come out of it's container so I squeezed it and out popped a purple blob. we got up and left never to return....that was a number of years ago........the college is in no position to tell ANYONE what they can or can not accomplish as they did a lousy job of running it and were a total failure!!!!!!a learning institution should be close to perfect as that's the goal for students..

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