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An illuminating example

February 25, 2013

Paul Smith’s College is setting an inspirational model for energy efficiency....

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Feb-28-13 10:22 AM

I'm glad you brought up the Dow, Crick. The DJI has almost doubled since Jan 2009 and (today) is within 100 pts of historical highs. Consumer confidence is growing, home sales are climbing, forecloseures are down.

Yes, GDP last quarter shrank 0.1% due to, guess what? Cutbacks in GOVERNMENT SPENDING!

So if you want to complain about Government debt or how bad things are getting this is the wrong place.

High gas prices? Yeah it's expensive but is it the Governments responsibility to intervene in the private energy sector? If so then apparently you want a larger, more expensive government.

People like you, the only card you got is to cry WOLF! You've got nuthin'. you look stupid. you and yours are crying wolf every day, it's cartoonish, and the majority of the informed electorate see right through it.

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Feb-28-13 8:11 AM

Well said fish, you are one eloquent sob.

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Feb-27-13 5:34 PM

Thinkbeforeyouwrite: That's a very good point you make about private colleges being indirectly funded by the federal government. It's something I've thought a lot about in the last few years — but I think it's not relevant to this narrow topic. Students don't need federal loans to pay their $26 annual fee to the Campus Sustainability Fund, which funds this and other projects. By the way, students themselves voted to establish this charge three years ago.

-Peter Crowley

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Feb-27-13 4:13 PM

It appears that FishCric and GUFFSHENE continue mindlessly along their way, stuck, holding pertinaciously to a plethora of wrong-headed opinions in spite of persuasive proof, reasoned arguments and unwavering evidence pointing to the contrary on so many fronts. In fact, they’re the mulishly self-opinionated types that typically subscribe to the position that facts only serve to cloud and confuse issues. Exchanging observations in a colloquy with either is an entropic use of precious energy. However, for a few of us here on the forum that refuse to be assigned talking points from deficient and inadequate general media sources, such as Faux News, it is amusing to read their consistently, pigheaded comments.

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Feb-27-13 1:44 PM

Think the word y'all are looking for is curmudgeon not grouchy. kafoxx-I hardly think Mr. Crowley is being overly tolerant..careful what you wish it stands now posters can only comment on a few articles on the website. Though I do appreciate the editors efforts to interact with the readers it'd seem that allowing comments on additional articles (like it used to be) would be preferable for everyone regardless of the occasional ill-conceived rant one would need to wade through..not my website etc, just an opinion

While I do side with mister cric's skepticism of government playing a role in environmentalism it would seem his argument would be better served with reduced emotion and yes paranoia.

When government, by far the largest polluter to the world, ie warfare, bombs, testing of etc etc, claims the high ground in the argument I will be a cynic. When most people, after going to govt-run schools for 12+ years thinks that every solution requires the govt i will be a cynic

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Feb-27-13 11:47 AM

Calling college student's "Future Eco Terrorists" isn't just generally grouchy, it's ignorant and incendiary.

Fishcric is a simple troll, not worthy of our time. His perverted views of life contaminate any semblance of civil discussion we may want to have. Not only do I simply disagree with him, I feel his paranoia and blame for the general populace is indicative of much larger psycological problems. All he knows is how to blame others for his ill-perceived wrongs, many of which he brought on himself.

For you, GuffSeney, to defend his ignorant, ill-mannered, fantasies, is even below your already subpar standards.

Nothing personally against you, I just feel you should at least *try* harder.

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Feb-27-13 11:29 AM

Concussion, I just don`t think it was right for Peter to call fish generally grouchy,just because he disagrees, don`t get so upset, this chat isn`t your life is it???

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Feb-27-13 10:28 AM

Why do you think this is in the "Editorial" section GuffSeney? Jesus, I can't believe people could be so dense. You and FishCric should get together, you could fantasize about how Chuck Hagel is going to direct military troops to mow down American Dissenters on our own soil or something.

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Feb-27-13 9:30 AM

I always thought a newspaper`s job was to print the story and let the readers decide what to think, not to argue with them in a chat room setting, go figure. I don`t think I`ve ever seen the PR do it in the personal comments section.

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Feb-27-13 9:30 AM

I always thought a newspaper`s job was to print the story and let the readers decide what to think, not to argue with them in a chat room setting, go figure. I don`t think I`ve ever seen the PR do it in the personal comments section.

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Feb-27-13 9:28 AM

What a great idea Paul Smiths! It's sad that some folks here would have a problem with the idea of fostering an understanding of energy use and efficiency.

I also have a sneaking suspicion that the majority of people posting here, without government subsidies, wouldn't be able to afford internet service.

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Feb-26-13 6:55 PM

The editor of a newspaper allowing us to banter. LOL, thank GOD for small town USA, and thats not Funny!!!!! it's awesome!!!! Thanks PC

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Feb-26-13 1:41 PM

the editor of a newspaper 'bantering". lol small town USA is funny .

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Feb-26-13 11:21 AM

While this is not a bad program, the editor is wrong in his statement that this is not government. Colleges like Paul Smiths rely on tuition to cover operating expenses. The vast majority of their students to take large student loans to attend. Where do these student loans come from? The government. So in essence without the government Paul Smiths and many colleges would be insolvent and forced to shut their doors.

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Feb-25-13 8:59 PM

Grouchiness? paranoia? maybe it's just basic stupidity.

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Feb-25-13 12:56 PM

Mr. Crowley, you are being far too tolerant. FishCric's remarks have been consistently offensive and increasingly irrational, day in, day out.

When an individual states unequivocally, "I trust no one" or calls people "future eco terrorists" to me these remarks are an indicator of paranoic symptoms not grouchiness.

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Feb-25-13 10:01 AM

FishCric: Paul Smith's College isn't government. It's a private college. Students decided to put up their own money to fund this - private citizens investing their own money in something that will save them money in the long run. I don't understand what your problem is with that, besides general grouchiness.

Peter Crowley, managing editor

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