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Q&A: Test your knowledge

May 28, 2013 What is an invasive species? An invasive species is a plant, animal or other organism that is introduced by human activity into a new area where it is not native. more »»

Partners ‘pull’ together to fight invasive species

May 14, 2013 Most people eagerly await the arrival of spring. I do, too, although it is typically short-lived and comes with mixed emotions. more »»

Looking forward with the Lake Placid school budget

May 14, 2013 Over the past years, the Lake Placid school district has seen many changes, some not very positive, and the impact has been staggering. more »»

Lake Placid High School concert Wednesday

May 14, 2013 To the editor, We would like to cordially invite the community of Lake Placid and music lovers in the Tri-Lakes area to attend the upcoming Spring Concert at Lake Placid High School. more »»

Supporting Shir Filler for school board

May 14, 2013 To the editor: I am writing in support of the candidacy of Shir Filler for a position on the Saranac Lake Central School Board. more »»

Rake leaves, check trees

October 29, 2012 The season is coming to a close for most — but not all — invasive species field work. more »»

A summer of aquatic action

October 16, 2012 Adirondack waters offer top-notch recreation for swimming, paddling, boating, waterskiing or simply sitting on a dock marveling at a sunset. more »»

Where did all the pesky plants go?

October 2, 2012 Have you noticed something missing in the Adirondacks? Where invasive common reed grass or Japanese knotweed once towered, in many places, they are disappearing. more »»

Japanese barberry: a ticking time bomb

September 18, 2012 Oh, deer. Every Adirondack gardener has had a run in with this long-legged herbivore snacking on our annuals and perennials, otherwise known as ephemerals when they are deer approved. more »»

Finding frog-bit

September 4, 2012 Just when you think that an invasive species is limited in its distribution — BAM — you get a call from an eagle-eyed volunteer and the situation suddenly changes. more »»

What is white, fluffy and woolly all over?

August 21, 2012 The hemlock woolly adelgid sounds too cute to be a tree killer, but it i. more »»

Clean, drain, dry, use, repeat

August 7, 2012 How many more invasive species will it take? The news this week isn’t good. Spiny waterflea, an invasive crustacean the size of a pinhead, is in the Champlain Canal and now Lake George. more »»

An apple a day won’t keep the stink bugs away

July 24, 2012 In February, I visited my aunt in Baltimore, Md. and she told me about the latest invasive species to plague the Chesapeake Bay region, brown marmorated stink bugs. more »»

Hogweed and pondweed; state takes lead

June 26, 2012 It’s been an exciting few weeks in the world of invasive species. There is activity afield and in Albany, too. more »»

Have you seen swallow-wort vine?

June 12, 2012 The field season is here and the hunt for invasive plants is underway. Crews, volunteers and concerned citizens have eyes open for new infestations. more »»

Floods give free rides to invasive plants

May 31, 2012 Invasive plants can survive tough environmental conditions. Shade? Not an issue. Drought? No problem. Poor soils? Bring it on. Disturbance? The more, the better. more »»

Right plant, right place

May 15, 2012 Two weekends ago I had a real treat. It was the first good gardening weekend of the spring: warm, sunny weather, no biting insects, loose soil and little threat of freezing temperatures overnight. more »»

Fighting invasives in the winter months

May 1, 2012 Just because the snow flies in the winter does not mean that the work dies for those of us fighting invasive species. Here is a roundup of notable news that you may have missed in the last six months. more »»

‘Barberryans’ at the gate

October 18, 2011 The first frost has hit. Its delicate layer can be a mighty match for some invading plants. more »»

Many hands make light work

October 4, 2011 As another field season comes to an end, the time begins for extending deep thanks and appreciation. The number of hands helping to stave off invasive species increases each yea. more »»



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