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Folk-rock and folk shlock

November 26, 2010 I’ve never been a musician, including, if not featuring, during the three years I tried the trombone (and everyone’s patience) in the high school band. Still, I’ve always loved music. more »»

Fine dining

November 19, 2010 I’m always shocked when someone knows something about me that I don’t know. A perfect example happened last week, and the sage was none other than King Frank Camel. more »»

Big game hunting

November 12, 2010 I’ve always been a hunter — a bargain hunter, that is. I embarked on this career in childhood, when I first discovered rummage sales. more »»

Java jive

November 5, 2010 I’m often told (though not by anyone old) that a lot of old age is groovy. I guess there are some advantages — aside from great deals on Supp-hose, Metamucil and trusse. more »»

Heart and sole

October 29, 2010 Obviously, the Adirondack Daily Enterprise is my official publisher. But less obvious is my unofficial publisher. more »»

Did not compute

October 22, 2010 Back when people wrote letters — in The Long-Lost Age of Literacy — I was an avid letter writer. But no more. more »»

Saving a foot by an inch

October 15, 2010 Although the Petrova school of my youth was a K through 12, I don’t recall any direct contact between the lower and upper grades, except in one venue — sport. more »»

Dewey Mountain goes to the dogs

October 8, 2010 I was paralyzed by mixed emotions. Encouraging me to go to the event were three of my great joys: dogs, coffee and Adirondack chauvinism. On the other hand, three things warned me not to go. more »»

Bad chemistry

October 1, 2010 For decades, one sin from my distant past has come back to haunt me. It happened my junior year in high school and involved The Bayou Swamp Thang — Carl Marsalise. more »»

Stressin’, confessin’ and messin’

September 24, 2010 I’m in a room in Medical Associates. Taped to my chest are electrodes that lead to some freaky machine, on which my vital signs dance across a monito. more »»

The village people: Life in the art room

September 17, 2010 Halfway through my senior year in high school, I found myself in a quandary. more »»

The double trouble of Dubble Bubble

September 3, 2010 As a self-professed live-and-let-live kinda guy, I’m always amazed when I catch myself being annoyed by things I’ve no right to be annoyed b. more »»

A case of the Willy’s

August 27, 2010 Earlier this week on a late-night walk, I was overcome by a strange feeling. It wasn’t exactly deja vu, but something eerily familiar from my past hung in the air. more »»

Hollywood hits ... and misses

August 20, 2010 To me, aging is a mystery. Of course for a long time, maybe my first 30 years, I wasn’t aging. Instead I was maturing. more »»

Both on — and over — the hill

August 13, 2010 In the Old Testament, Mt. more »»

The lows of high adventure

August 6, 2010 Years ago, I was friends with an accomplished scientist. But unlike a lot of other science weenies, he was a vast and versatile reader, as well-versed in literature and the arts as he was in scienc. more »»

Pishers in Paradise

July 30, 2010 For a long time I followed the news religiously. I read the New York Times every day, Newsweek and Time every week, and I listened to radio news the rest of the time. more »»

Roadblocks on Memory Lane

July 23, 2010 Over the past few years, my memory has become mighty strange. For example, if we had a two-hour conversation this morning, by the afternoon I’d be lucky if I remembered any of it. more »»

Of human beardage

July 16, 2010 This month marks the 45th anniversary of me growing my first beard. In my near half-century of beardage, I’ve worn every style of facial hair but one. more »»

The fools and the falls

July 9, 2010 It all started in early June, with a call from a fellow member of The Brotherhood, Ron Burdick. more »»



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